Quick Facts on Ariana:

  • Current Location:Ann Arbor, MI
  • Favorite Festival: Coachella was my first and will always have my heart, even if it is being invaded by 15 year old Brandy Melville models in fake flower headbands.
  • Festival Wishlist: I have a few on my list for this season, but am probably most looking forward to Electric Forest. I’ve experienced some pretty great festival communities, and I have a feeling the Forest Fam has something extra special in store.
  • Favorite Music Genre: Genre is such an overused buzzword…I write about music all the time and often find myself deferring to artist descriptions of their music in an effort to categorize it. To make a blanket statement, dance music is certainly what I listen to most, but the nuances within that are so vast its really hard to say what my “favorite” is.
  • Current Favorite Musicians:In no particular order (except for The Strokes circa Is This It is #1 forever) Dance music: Louis The Child, Will Clarke, Grimes, Bassnectar, Griz, Hippie Sabotage, Oliver Heldens, Prince Fox Other: The Strokes, BORNS, Oh Wonder, St. Lucia, Flint Eastwood, Ryn Weaver

As a student, I cover music for my university’s newspaper. I got involved with Festival Squad in order to maintain my involvement in the music scenes I’m so fond of, since the university outlet will no longer be available to me after I graduate. I love music festivals for that little tingly feeling they give me–its the twinge of anticipation I used to get on Christmas Eve, or before a school dance, but way bigger. It’s very physical; like a hot, squeezing sensation in the middle of my chest. Maybe that doesn’t sound like it would feel good, but it really does…I’ve literally chased it around the country. Moving forward, I would love to someday be a part of festival production, and have a hand in creating the kinds of experiences that have meant so much to me.

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